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A sci-fi octopus-like robot.



Status: seed

A Web Robot (also known as a crawler, spider or search engine bot) is a program that traverses the Web automatically. 1 things they are used by is search engines to download & index web content. A website's robots.txt file communicates with these robots using the Robots Exclusion Protocol. It can be used to inform the robot which areas of the site should & shouldn't be scanned. A robots.txt file need to be located the site's root directory.


The robots.txt file below communicates:

  • all bots are allowed to crawl the entire site &
  • the site's sitemap file is located at https://garden.bradwoods.io/sitemap.xml.


User-agent: *
Allow: /

Sitemap: https://garden.bradwoods.io/sitemap.xml
A space ship's docking bay with various equipment.


robots.txt TesterBy Google

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