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Evolving A Traditional Idea

Two people engaging in a quick draw

Creativity - Evolving a Traditional Idea

Intended Audience: Anyone interested in exploring creativity. Interested in how to come up with creative ideas.


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Quick Draw

The movie Lupin the Third: The Gravestone of Daisuke Jigen tells the story to two gunmen. Jigen and Okuzaki. Both consider themself the best. To determine who is right, they agree to a quick draw.

Portraits of Jigen and Okuzaki

A quick draw is a competition. Common in old Western films. Two opponents, each with a holstered hand gun, stand facing one another at a distance. At any point, they draw and fire. The winner being the person who didn't die. The fastest. The movie takes a creative approach to this traditional idea.

.357 Magnum
Two bullets of different sizes. 0.357 and 0.22 calibre.

Jigen uses his trusty .357 Magnum. A common sidearm because of its versatility. He always carries it. Making it a logical choice. A weapon he is most comfortable and competent with. Okuzaki used a custom .22 calibre pistol. While Jigen's is general purpose. Okuzaki's is made for the quick draw. Having a smaller calibre than the Magnum's .357 makes it lighter. The weight is furthered decreased by shaving the pistol down and designing it to carry a single bullet. Compared to nine rounds of the magnum. The lighter the gun, the faster the draw, the more likely they win. Jigen sees the quick draw as a contest of a gunman's speed and accuracy. Okuzaki looks deeper. Seeing not just the gunman, but the equipment they use.

Okuzaki's gun

Creative Source

This creativity comes from taking a traditional idea, the quick draw, and adapting it to modern times. The difference being, today, people have more access to knowledge and resources. Compared to the Wild West. Allowing Okuzaki to customise a hand gun. Making it less general purpose and more effective for a specific task. The quick draw takes place in Okuzaki's workshop. Where he likely made the weapon. Adding depth to this idea. Foreshadowing he customizes tools.


Star Wars also uses this approach. Adapting the traditional idea of sword fighting to the future. Sword fighting became extinct because a sword is no match for a gun. Star Wars resurrected sword fighting. Through warriors with the ability to deflect gun fire with a sword. Although the idea is far-fetched, it didn't break the suspension of disbelief. By enforcing a rule that only the most highly-skilled were capable of this. The Jedi and the Sith. Weight is added to this idea by detailing how. Not simply because of superhuman reflexes. But because of the ability to see things before they happen. Through the Force.