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A flat grid of squares with lines vertical lines poking through it. Some of the lines have circles above them.

What is a Digital Garden

A digital garden is an approach to publishing personal knowledge on the web. Different than a blog that contains polished articles in reverse chronological order. Digital gardens are more like work-in-progress wikis. A collection of unrefined, incomplete ideas that grow and evolve over time through constant tending (editing, rewriting and revising).

Qualities of a Digital Garden

  • Organised by contextual relationships
  • Learning in public
  • Imperfection
  • Playful, personal and experimental
  • Diverse content mediums (videos, podcasts, short notes, long essays, sketches, ...)
  • Independent ownership
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About this Garden

The purpose of this garden is to be a blueprint for creating on the web. Notes analysing design, engineering and creativity. It aims to be simple and direct. Content is thought of as poetry, every word costs.

Portrait of Rick from Rick & Morty
The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.
Thomas Jefferson - United States Founding Father

Each note is assigned a status:

SeedNew content planted (created) less than a year ago.
SproutContent planted over a year ago. Regularly tended (revised).
MatureContent planted over 2 years ago. Regularly tended.
DecayingContent not tended in over a year.
Edward from Cowboy Bebop

About the Author

I was a teacher who couldn't find the tools I needed, so I started making my own. I use my knowledge of pedagogy to learn and teach. Dedicated to honing my craft. I believe stories are the best way to communicate. Creativity is the new oil. Front-end developer @canva.