A flat grid of squares with lines vertical lines poking through it. Some of the lines have circles above them.

What is a Digital Garden?

A digital garden is an approach to publishing personal knowledge on the web. Different than a blog that contains polished articles in reverse chronological order. Digital gardens are more like work-in-progress wikis. A collection of unrefined, incomplete ideas that grow & evolve over time through constant tending (editing, rewriting & revising).


Key qualities of a digital garden:

  • Organised by contextual relationships
  • Learning in public
  • Imperfection
  • Playful, personal & experimental
  • Diverse content mediums (videos, podcasts, short notes, long essays, sketches, ...)
  • Independent ownership


This garden assigns a status to each piece of content:

SeedA new idea recently planted.
SproutContent planted less than a year ago & regularly tended.
MatureContent planted over a year ago & regularly tended.
DecayingContent that hasn’t been tended in over a year.
A fountain pen.

About the Author

I was a teacher who couldn’t find the tools needed to do my job, so I started making my own. I use my knowledge of pedagogy to learn & teach. I believe stories are our best learning tool. The purpose of this garden is to be a living notebook about web development.